10 Places to Get Boxes of Free Samples

Whether if you’re looking for free food, innovative beauty/grooming products, free coffee, monthly subscription boxes, or even just plain ole coupons, we got you covered!
Because let’s be honest, the best things in life are free.
Below, you’ll discover some of our favorite places where you can find amazing free samples.

Awesome Free Sample Boxes

Here are 23 websites, services, and business where you can get awesome free sample boxes delivered straight to your door.
Just note that some of these places may require you to pay for shipping (usually less than $5) or even complete an assignment like posting on social media or writing a review.

1. Free General Samples – PINCHme

With PinchMe, you’ll get free samples from leading brands and in return, all you need to do is provide your feedback. To get started, just take a shopper survey, choose samples to add yo your box, and then share you opinion. Join here.

2. Free Latest Products – Influenster

If you’re very active on social media, then Influenster is the perfect option for you. Basically, the more active on social you are, the more samples you get! Once you get your box, just complete the online tasks, thus leading to more chances for you to get more free boxes! Join here.

3. Free Books – Book of the Month Club

Get a new release book delivered straight to your door for free for the first month when you use the code YESPLZ at sign up. Join here.

4. Free Delicious Snacks – NatureBox

Get a free box of 6 healthy and insanely delicious snacks delivered straight to your door. Best of all, these are all full sized products! Join here.

5. Free International Food – Try the World

Get a free box of 7-8 gourmet snacks and treats straight from a new country every month. Best of all, you can try it for the first month for free! Join here.

6. Free Shaving Kit – Harry’s

Get a free 2 week supply that includes a Truman razor with blade, some foaming shave gel, and a travel blade cover for free. Join here.

7. Free Healthy Snacks – Graze

Get 4 delicious snack samples that you can try for free. Just pay $1 for shipping. Join here.

8. Free eBooks – Epic!

Although it’s not a physical box, Epic is an online digital library subscription where kids can get unlimited access to over 25,000 kid friendly books, learning videos, puzzles, and quizzes, straight on their tablet. Best of all, you can read for free for 30 days. Join here.

9. Free Coffee – Blue Bottle Coffee

Get a 2-oz whole bean sample of your choice when you start a free trial. Join here.

10. Free Tampons and/or Pads – LOLA

Get a free box of 100% organic tampons, pads, and/or liners. Use the code FREEBOX to take advantage of this offer. Join here.

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