Best Metallic Jackets

Metallic jackets are all the rage right now, and it's hardly surprising. Their ultra-shiny allure makes them just about the most fashionable items you can stash in your winter wardrobe, and it's natural to be tempted with the whole gamut of colours and cuts to choose from. For when you want to stay warm without compromising on style, pick your favourite number and throw it on for an instant outfit revamp. Here are some of the best glitzy, glamorous pieces we could find.

The Coolest Metallic Jackets in India

  • ONLY Metallic Grey Solid Sporty Jacket


    Keep yourself from shivering in the cold with this silvery metallic jacket from ONLY made of 100% polyester. The front zip comes with a graphic, cloth label and the neckline has a toggle hem — details that make an arresting statement. Use its hood to keep your ears warm.

  • NUSH Gunmetal-Toned Solid Tailor Jacket


    The Gunmetal-Toned Solid Tailored Jacket is a stunner. Its flawless metallic finish dotted with little buttons give it a truly badass vibe. (So if you're going for that biker-girl aesthetic this is the perfect piece to get.) We also love the detailed belt at the bottom, and the zips on the arms.

  • London Rag Women's Metallic Jacket


    There's more to metallic jackets than just silver and gold staples — if you want to add a dash of colour, get this gorgeous number glazed in peach-pink. The design is simple and nifty with two front pockets and a front zipper. Pair it with your favourite boots.

  • Metallic Padded Short Jacket with Hood - Silver


    This silvery Metallic Padded Hooded Jacket will add instant pizzazz to pretty much any winter outfit. Its polyester lining will keep you warm, and it has stylish pockets on either side to slide your hands in. The piece fastens with a front zipper. Use the hood in case it gets extra-chilly.

  • Metallic Padded Short Jacket with Hood - Gold


    Go gold with this Padded Hooded Jacket. It's made of polyester like its silver counterpart above, and comes with twin front pockets on either side. Whether you zip it up to stay warm, or leave it open to reveal the outfit beneath, this piece is bound to turn heads.

  • Avec Filles Women's Commuter Metallic Jacket


    Crafted from nylon, this metallic jacket borders on avant-garde so it's sure to intrigue the bold and the beautiful. Drape yourself in its papery-thin splendour for a cool-and-casual aesthetic. Choose from two gorgeous options: silvery-aluminum and metallic black.


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