Our Favourite Acetone-Free Nail Polish Removers

You may greet the drop in temperature with burgundy nails, and add apple greens and silvery pinks for a cheerful change, but there's one constant that will always plague you — at some point, you will need a nail polish remover.  On the other side of glamour lies the pesky ritual of undoing all your hard work so you can paint a fresh canvas from scratch. It's important at this time to glance at the ingredient label of your remover: does it contain acetone? This strong chemical may work very quickly, but be warned that it will weaken and dry your nails with repeated use. So ditch your old formula.

Check out these 6 alternative non-acetone nail polish removers instead — investing a little extra time in cleaning your nails will go a long way.

NewU Nail Polish Remover - Green Apple (30 pads)


Get this: You won't have to rummage through your makeup closet looking for cotton if you keep remover-soaked pads handy. Always ready for use and budget-friendly, these 30 pads from NewU are acetone-and-toluene-free, contain vitamin E and nourish your nails and fingertips with a super-moisturizing formula. 1-2 pads work for all 10 fingernails, and we really like the green apple fragrance.

Kara Nail Polish Remover Wipes - Rose (30 pads)


Get this: These 30 nail polish remover wipes from Kara come in little, round boxes. Acetone-free and enriched with vitamin E and olive oil, one wipe is sufficient to clean up all 10 nails. We like the strawberry fragrance best, but you're free to choose from three others: orange, lemon and rose.

Dip & Twist Colorbar Ultimate Nail Enamel Remover - Dark Chocolate


Get this: The Colorbar Ultimate Nail Enamel Remover comes in a dip-and-twist bottle, so you don't need to run around looking for spare cotton: just unscrew the cap, dip your tips in remover-soaked sponge and twist the bottle back and forth for a perfect clean-up. Then be tempted to lick your chocolate-scented fingers.

Colorbar Nail Polish Remover + Bella Cotton Balls


Get this: A dermatologically tested formula, this Colorbar Nail Polish Remover is acetone-free and vitamin-enriched. It contains jojoba oil that moisturizes your nails on application, protecting them from damage and chipping. The bare black-and-white packaging reminds us of the spotless beauty of untainted nails.


Get this too: You'll need spare cotton to apply this formula. Get these extra soft, highly absorbent Bella Cotton Cosmetic Balls. They come in a pack of 100, with white, pink, blue and yellow balls that are guaranteed to brighten your day. The pack closes neatly with a thread.

Dip & Twist Kiko Milano Nail Polish Remover


Get this: This dip-and-twist Kiko Milano Nail Polish Remover is acetone-free and enriched with the goodness of almond oil. Unscrew the top and dip your fingertips, rotating the case back and forth for complete removal. It's slightly pricey, but works very well. Also, we're sold on the premium silvery-pink packaging.

Dip &Twist Faces Instaremove Nail Enamel Remover


Get this: Another dip-and-twist nail polish remover by FACES Cosmetics. It's acetone-free, contains vitamin E, olive oil and aloe vera. It comes in a lavender case with a pretty, floral print  — twist the bottle as you dip your fingertips one-by-one for a full clean-up. You'll smell like flowers after.


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