Winter Scarves on Budget 2018

Scarves are versatile. They keep your neck nice and warm while adding dimension to your overall look. A simple scarf can make even the plainest of outfits look interesting — bright, patterned pieces lend character to monochromatic getups, and plain ones can help balance out crowded bases. Plus, there are infinite ways to drape them. If you're interested in experimenting with your vibe, or want to make a style statement with minimal effort, here are seven affordable scarves to add to your closet this winter.

The Coolest Scarves for Your Winter Wardrobe

Mango White-and-Yellow Checked Scarf


If you miss warmer days, here's a white-and-yellow checked scarf that will add that subtle, summery twist your winter outfit needs. We love how the faint blue-and-orange hues blend with the rest of the piece. Contrast it with a navy blue or black jacket for an arresting first impression.

Tossido Unisex Red Muffler


A perfect piece for your December closet, this red scarf will spread Christmassy cheer wherever you go. Then there's the versatility that comes with a plain base that you can team up with nearly anything — blacks and blues, greys and yellows, oranges and purples, what have you.

FabSeasons Floral Printed Scarf


Here's another scarf that's steeped in summer. The blue-and-white print can be worn with dark hues, as well as light, creamy textures. Pair this with a navy blue sweater for your next casual brunch. We don't recommend this for keeping warm as it's made of light material, but at least you can still wear it when it's hot again.

Bismaadh Animal Print Scarf


If you like being the centre of attention, you'll love this animal print scarf. It works really well as an accent piece with plain outfits. You can pair it with a faux-leather jackets or pants for that straight-out-of-the-magazine bad girl vibe.

Fabseasons Checkered Cotton Scarf - Pink & Gold


Accessorize with this scarf that reminds us of juicy peaches with its salmon-gold print. It's an airy piece you can wear under your jacket and trenches. While it's best contrasted with dark shades, it's bright enough to complement lighter bases too. Cotton be worn any time of the year — so you don't have to stash it away when the weather turns warmer.

Elbise Checkered Polyester Scarf


This bright-as-day scarf comes in a shade of pink that will warm the coldest of seasons. Throw it around your neck for a carefree vibe, and win hearts with the dangling, playful tassels that adorn its edges. It's made of polyester, so you'll stay sufficiently warm.

Bismaadh Classic Red Muffler


This classic, checkered muffler looks great on men and women. You want to wear it with black overalls for a casual-elegant aesthetic. With a snug woolen body and cute tassels, this piece receives a perfect score on comfort to boot.


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