Best Glitter Shoes : The Fashion Trend You Have Missed

When it comes to making an unforgettable style statement, the best glitter shoes are where it's at. With a pixie charm that's hard to resist and serious sparkle that's head-turningly beautiful, these shoes are a must have addition in your closet if you like variation of the bold kind. The most popular versions are plated with mono layers of shimmery gold, silver and peach, allowing you to pair them with almost any casual outfit. Here are the best glitter shoes to get this season to turn up the bling. (A sucker for shiny things? Check out this list of the best metallic jackets.)


Crafted out of leather, these Micca Glitter Golden Casual Sneakers by Steve Madden are among the best glitter shoes. Slip them on and stay comfortable all day, because they have a rubber sole that ensures day-long flexibility. The coat of gold will complement a wide variety of outfits.


These Rose Gold Toned Embellished Sneakers by Aldo are styled with a textile upper body, a cushioned footbed and a bright pink, textured sole for maximum comfort. These shoes will glint even in night-time, and their lace-up detail is gorgeous.


These Glitter Horsebit Mules are among the best glitter shoes with a square-toed angular front, all-over pink shimmer and a metal-buckle detail in the front. Slip them on with ease, and pair them with a dress or a casual outfit. If sneakers don't catch your fancy, these were made for you.


Made from faux leather, these peachy-pink All Over Glitter Shoes by New Look are among the best glitter shoes with a round-toed front, a flat sole and a lace-up for show. Get these for a sporty vibe that defies convention.


These Golden Glitter Sneakers are made of leather and are among the best glitter shoes available. Rest assured, their golden lining will complement a whole range of outfits. The leather upper, synthetic lining and rubber sole make them durable, so bid goodbye to wear and tear.


Made of synthetic material, these Catwalk Golden Glitter Casual Sneakers are a steal at the price, and among the best glitter shoes to get. They're round-toed with a textured outsole and a lace-up detail, and win additional points for being extremely easy to maintain – in case they get dusty, just wipe them clean with a dry cloth.


If you aren't feeling all that bold, but still want a little sparkle, get these Glitter White Gold Sneakers from Puma, among the best glitter sneakers that feature just a streak of golden shimmer on a white base. They're made of leather and have a flat base, plus the cushioned insole will keep your feet from getting sore.

Clothes to wear with a pair of sneakers: Girls take Note!

  • A midi skirt looks instantly younger and more casual when worn with sneakers.
  • Sneakers with a plaid shirt scarf and beanie makes the perfect fall outfit.
  • Sneakers also make a blazer look less professional and fancy.
  • Update the business suit by styling a relaxed top and bottoms with an equally relaxed pair of sneakers.
  • Mix sport and sophistication by styling a structured top with a modern pencil skirt and sneakers.
  • You can wear a navy blue jumpsuit with shorts and pair it up with blue funky looking sneakers.
  • Stripped dress with boyfriend jeans to pair with random colored sneaker.
  • For a fashionable spin on a classic button-down and trousers, pair them with a cool pair of training sneakers.


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