(11th January) Amazon Quiz Time – Answer and Win Rs.10000

(All Answers) Amazon 3rd September Quiz – Answer and Win Rs.10000

Amazon 6th September Quiz Answers, Amazon Quiz Answers – Hi Guys, Amazon India Is Regularly Arranging The App Only Quiz Time Quiz, Where They Are Giving Away The Free Products Like Free Smartphones, Free Gadgets Etc.
 Amazon India Has Announced Another New Quiz Regarding Smartphone That is  The Amazon 3rd September Quiz, Where They Are Giving Away free Rs.10000

Amazon Quiz Time – Answer and Win Rs.10000

This is Amazon App Only Offer, So We Suggest You Use & Install The Amazon Android Or iOS App
1, Just Download The Amazon App In Your Mobile From Playstore Or App Store
2. Now Just Open The App & Create/Sign in Into Amazon Account
3. Now Just Go To Home Page Of The App & Scroll Down Below & You will be Able To See The Banner Of “Amazon 10th september Quiz“ Like This
4. Now Just Open the App Banner & You Are About to Start The Quiz With “Start” Button 

Amazon Quiz Time Answers – 11th January

1. In August 1962, Jamaica declared independance from which country?
Answer – United Kingdom
2. In 1819, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles founded which colonial state?
Answer – Singapore
3. What is the national flower of India?
Answer – Lotus
4. Lemurs are native to only one country on the planet. Which country is it?
Answer – Madagascar
5. Polysomnography is a type of study concerning which human activity?

Answer – Sleeping

All Answers Of Amazon Pay Quiz Time 12th November

1,In which country were the first Olympic games held?
Answer – Greece

2. In which European city would you find the Acropolis?
Answer – athens, greece

3. Which is the smallest planet in our solar system?
Answer – Mercury

4. Where would you find the prehistoric monument Stonehenge?
Answer – England

5. In which country would you find Chichen Itza, one of the largest Maya cities and likely to have been one of the mythical great cities referred to in the Mesoamerican literature?
Answer – Mexico

Amazon 10th September Quiz Answers:

Q1. Who was the first president of the USA?
Answer – George Washington
Q2. Eugenics is the study of ___.
Answer – Altering human beings by changing genetics components
Q3. Which invention is associated with the Wright brothers?
Answer – Aero Plane
Q4.  Which famous personality’s autobiography is titled ‘A Moveable Feast’ ?
Answer – Ernest Hemingway
Q5. The Government of India recently provided first-ever financial support to which Indian sport for participation in England?
Answer – Kho kho


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