Accessorize Haul Under 1000 - Wallets, Earrings, Pendants & More

Somewhere in London over thirty years ago, Accessorize launched its first store. Today, the brand, inspired by mesmerising colours, textures and prints, has around 1,000+ stores world over that sell all sorts of accessories for women– from earrings and hair ties to flip flops and bags. While their haul usually doesn't come cheap, if you look carefully, you may find cool buys under budget. We did the legwork for you, and found 16 things from Accessorize India you can buy under 1,000 –have a look.

Accessorize India Haul Under 1000 - Wallets, Earrings, Pendants & More

  • Embellished Wallets

    Accessorize Embellished wallet 7

    Accessorize India Haul Under 1000

    Choose between a sparkly multi-colour wallet (12 cm height x 22 cm length x 5 cm width), and a embroidered black floral wallet (11 cm height x 17 cm length x 1 cm width).  PRO TIP: designer wallets are perfect to pair with sequin dresses like these.
  • Hoop Earrings

    Accessorize Hoop earrings 6

    Accessorize India Haul Under 1000

    The twisty Accessorize Silver Hoops are perfect for anyone looking for simple accessorization, while the crystal / gold hoops are intended for the more daring. PRO TIP: here's a cute midi dress from Forever 21 to pair with either.
  • Hair Ties

    Accessorize Hair tie 9

    Accessorize India Haul Under 1000

    Here are two esssentials every girl needs – black scrunchies for daily wear, and brighter hair ties for when you want to have fun with your outfit. PRO TIP:if you're wearing coloured ones, you want to make sure they aren't clashing with your outfit.
  • Layered Bracelet

    Accessorize Layered bracelet 8

    Accessorize India Haul Under 1000

    The Accessorize Stretch Pack Collection Multi Strand Bracelet is a layered, beaded bracelet that will elevate any casual outfit – an easy way to make it look like you made an effort. PRO TIP: here's a bell-sleeved white top from Global Desi to pair it with.
  • Drop Earrings

    Accessorize drop earrings 4

    Accessorize India Haul Under 1000

    These Accessorize Drop Earrings for Women feature two gold plates with hanging grey tassles that beautifully complement the body. PRO TIP:pair it with this tassled purse that mimics the earrings' design, giving consistency to your look.
  • Hair Scarf

    Accessorize Hair scarf 5

    Accessorize India Haul Under 1000

    Here's a Hiar Scarf for Women from Accessorize that you can wrap around your ponytail. Another trick? Wear it around your neck as a cloth choker. PRO TIP: pair it with this complementary light pink floral shirt from Global Desi.
  • Pendant

    Accessorize Pendant 2

    Accessorize Haul Under 1000

    This silver-plated flower pendant from Accessorize is among the perfect accessories for the spring season.PRO TIP:Contrast the pendant's black with a light-hued base – here's a blue / pink piece from Vero Moda that would pair well.
  • Simple Bracelets

    Accessorize Bracelet 3

    Accessorize India Haul Under 1000

    Choose between a multi-coloured Accessorize Strand Bracelet, which features beaded detail, and a golden Accessorize Bracelets Clasp Charm, which is relatively plain. PRO TIP: feeling adventurous? Pair them with these golden shorts from Miss Chase.
  • Plain Wallets

    Accessorize Plain wallets 1

    Accessorize India Haul Under 1000

    If you don't like bells and whistles, perhaps you'd love yourself a plain wallet with minimal embellishments – like these black and red beauties from Accessorize. PRO TIP: heading out and want to ditch your bag? Stash a matte mini in your wallet.

Which accessories from Accessorize are you ordering online? We'd love to hear from you, so tweet to us @HotDeals360.


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