Amazon 7th February Quiz Answer- Free Honor Band 4

Amazon 7th February Quiz Answer- Free Honor Band 4

Amazon 7th February Quiz , Amazon 7th February Quiz Answers , Amazon 7th February Quiz Answers – Hi Guys , Another Day & Another Quiz Time From Amazon.
Winners Will Be chosen By Lucky Draw. 1 Lucky Winner Will Take Home Free Honor Band 4.

How To Play This 7th February Amazon Quiz:

You Just Need Amazon Account & Some Searching Skill. You Need To Answer 5 Tough General Knowledge Questions. Amazon Quiz Banner is Available On Front Page Of Amazon India Application

Amazon Honor Band 4 Quiz Answers: 19th March

Q1. What is the metal or plastic casing around the end of a shoelace called?
Answer: Aglet
Q2. The actor who played Gandhi in Lage Raho Munnabhai won a National Award for Best Supporting Actor for the role. Name the actor.
Answer: Dilip Prabhavalkar
Q3. Earth’s atmosphere is made up of several gasses, but which element makes up the majority of the air?
Answer: Nitrogen
Q4. An A2 size paper is smaller than an A4 size paper.
Answer: False
Q5. The 2019 Oscars just went by. But, which movie won the Oscar for best film in 2018?
Answer: The Shape of Water

Amazon 7th February Quiz Questions & Answers : 

1. Wolverine, also known as ‘Gulo Gulo’ is the member of which animal family?
Answer – Weasel
2. The collective noun for a group of giraffes is a ‘___ of giraffes’. Fill in the blanks.
Answer – Tower
3. Churchill, Sherman and Panzer and the names of ______?
Answer – Military Tanks
4. Which ancient empire was ruled by Xerxes the Great in the fifth century BC?
Answer – The Persian Empire
5. Which nation was the first to give women the right to vote?
Answer – New Zealand

Terms and Conditions:

This Contest will commence on 7th February 2019 from 08:00:01 a.m. (IST) to 7th February 12:00:00 a.m. (IST) (“Contest Period”)
In order to be eligible for the Contest, during the Contest Period you must sign-in to or sign-up from an account on the App (“ App”).
Once you have signed-in to the App, you can participate by navigating to the page where 5 (five) questions will be posted during the entire Contest Period.
Thereafter, if you answer all the quiz questions correctly, you will be entitled for a lucky draw which will be carried out amongst participants who have answered that particular question correctly.
The draw of lots will be carried out during the Contest Period for the questions and a total of 1 (one) participant will be selected as winners by a random draw of lots.
The declared winner(s) will be eligible for winning an Prize(hereinafter referred to as “Prize(s)”).


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