How to locate your ‘silent’ iPhone

Before digging into the steps, check some of the common places like below the bed, sofa or jacket/shirt pocket first. Still unable to locate your phone? Try calling your number, it’s ringing but no sound, right? Well, it may be on silent mode. Then what’s the solution? How to find the lost iPhone?

Here’s our guide, that can help users find their iPhone even when it’s silent.
First things first
Most of the people are aware of the feature called ‘Find My iPhone’ in an iPhone but this feature is generally known to be useful when it comes to tracking the location of the lost device or wiping and locking it when lost. But a very few people know that this feature can also ring the iPhone even when it's on silent mode or on Do Not Disturb mode.
1.Make sure the smartphone has internet connectivity
2. Also, users need to set up and activate the Find My Phone feature in the Settings
Steps to follow
1.Visit ‘’ on your Mac or PC
2.Log in using the right credentials
3.Once logged in, at the left there’s a list of all the devices connected to that Apple account
4.Look for the iPhone from the list and click on it
5.The map at the right will zoom-in with a 3D representation of the phone’s location
6.At the bottom of the screen, look for the option ‘Play Sound’ and click on it

7.If everything is fine and your phone is still connected to the internet, it will start playing a loud sound
8.Track the direction of the sound to find the iPhone
9.Once found, turn off the sound
Alternatively, users can also pick up their iPad connected to the same Apple account and head to Find My iPhone option and tap on the option Play Sound to locate the lost iPhone.


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