Amazon Fossil Quiz – Answer & Win Fossil Grant Watch

Amazon Quiz Time – Answer & Win Fossil Grant Watch

Amazon 13th April Quiz Answers, Amazon Quiz Answers, Amazon Fossil Grant Watch quiz .

Amazon 13th April Quiz How To Play :

  1. First of All Just Open The Amazon India App In Your Phone.
  2. Sign in Into Your Amazon Account.
  3. On Homepage , You Will See “Amazon 13th April Quiz” Banner.
  4. Just Click On It , Then Click On “Start The Quiz
  5. Follow Below Posted Correct Answers, If You Feel Trouble Completing The Quiz.

Amazon 13th April Quiz Correct Answers :

1) A group of crows is called a ___. Fill in the blanks.
Ans – Murder

2) Which of these is the southernmost point of Africa and the beginning of the dividing line between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans?
Ans – Cape Agulhas

3) Who was the second man to walk on the moon?
Ans – Edwin Buzz Aldrin

4) Which film director and screenwriter is most known for the Elements Trilogy – Fire (1996), Earth (1998), and Water (2005)?
Ans – Deepa Mehta

5) The Department of Posts in India has launched a ‘Cool EMS’ service, using which customers in India can import food items from __ for personal use. Fill in the blanks
Ans – Japan


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