Android Q – Amazing New Features, First Look

Even though the release of Android Q OS is quite a few months away, the early build leak by of Android Q took everyone by surprise, ahead of expectation. The developer build gives us our first look at some of the changes, improvements, and features that Google could introduce with Android Q. Since this an early build of the software, none of the features are set in stone as of now.
Android Q Features 
Dark Mode:- Friends as we know the most awaited feature dark mode is given in the Android Q version which will help us to use our mobile at night without any harm on our eyes. Hence, this new dark mode feature will undoubtedly be something that everyone will want to use.

More privacy permission control:- In android Q google increase more privacy to protect our personal data from harmful apps and hackers. This will increase our privacy and protect our personal data also. and its also helps to set up permissions on your all android app you can set up permissions according to your choice friends. The first and most significant change is in permissions, where we can see the total options to control the permissions that each app required. Hence, this change will simply give more control and privacy to users.

Multi resume: In this feature, you can use two apps simultaneously without stopping any app like split-screen mode.

Desktop mode:- In android last and most important feature is that a desktop ode will be included in android Q Its description reads “force experimental desktop mode on secondary displays.” like it’s going to be a Samsung DeX or EMUI Easy Projection-type feature.

Pop up time control:- With this you can control pop time on your screen.

Built-in screen recording:- In android Q built-in screen recording is also available.


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