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PUB Gfx+

PUB Gfx+ is currently a best seller on the Indian and Indonesian Google Play Stores, and for good reason. It’s an app that does what it advertises to do well. Take a look at some of the screenshots below. Between multiple basic graphics settings.
more detailed fixes, and details and advanced settings, there’s plenty here to check out.
While it’s pretty clear that the graphics settings work, what about in-game FPS? How is it affected by using settings such as Vulkan, Zero Lag Mode, or even just halving the resolution? We set out to find out. Firstly, we’re going to test what FPS we get on an unmodified PUBG installation on the OnePlus 3. We used an older flagship for testing seeing as newer flagships will not need these kinds of modifications to run the game anyway.


If you’re wondering about the exact testing conditions, my OnePlus 3 is on the latest OxygenOS version with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, Adreno 530 GPU, and 6GB of RAM. We would like to give special thanks to the team at GameBench for the assistance they provided us. Their tool makes it possible for any person, whether it be a regular user, journalist, or engineer, to test a mobile game’s performance on an Android device. They have an Android app you can install to start benchmarking your games as well.

PUBG Unmodified FPS on the OnePlus 3

While at first, this may seem like a great performance out of the box on the OnePlus 3, it’s only when you’re in-game do you notice the issues. The median FPS is 30, but by default, the OnePlus 3 runs the game at a capped FPS of 60. That means that while there are massive FPS drops, there are also massive FPS climbs to 60 for no apparent reason. For example, when driving/running and a far-off town begins to load, the FPS will drop as low as 10, which makes the game unplayable. It’s stable in a lot of aspects once you’re not moving, but driving especially is painful. Even just parachuting out of the plane at the start of the game proves a tricky task as it’s a choppy mess.
This is the baseline performance that we will be comparing all settings.


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