OnePlus 7 Pro Leak Reveals Stunning Design

OnePlus 7 Pro (Credit: Ishan Agarwal)
OnePlus 7 Pro (Credit: Ishan Agarwal)Posting on Twitter, leaker Ishan Agarwal has shared images that reportedly show off the OnePlus 7 Pro. Agarwal doesn't cite the source for these leaked images, but they look an awful lot like the kind of official press renders a phone maker would put out when they're releasing a new device.
If accurate, these tweeted OnePlus 7 Pro images give us a close-up look at the new colors planned for OnePlus' phone while confirming several rumored design decisions that the phone maker is reported to have made.
As for the design of the phone, Agarwal's photos show a device with no notch and minimal bezels, suggesting that the front camera is housed in a mechanism that will pop up when you need to snap a selfie. All three of those design notes are consistent with what we've heard about the OnePlus 7 Pro so far. The less expensive  and smaller OnePlus 7 is expected to retain the teardrop-style notch included on the OnePlus 6T.
On the color front, Agarwal shows off two variatons one the OnePlus 7 Pro — one in Mirror Grey and the other in Nebula Blue. The Mirror Gray model looks like fairly traditional option for smartphones while the Nebula Blue offera a more daring — and in our opinion, appealing — color.
As for the rear cameras, the photos tweeted by Agarwal show off three lenses stacked vertically. Again, that's in line with rumors about the OnePlus 7 Pro, which is likely to add an ultra wide lens to its rear camera setup.
OnePlus has a press event set for May 14 when it will reveal its new phones. In the meantime, check out our OnePlus 7 rumor roundup.



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