iOS 13 Will Finally Let You Download Apps of Any Size Over Mobile Data

  • Apple's iOS 13 was unveiled during WWDC 2019 keynote
  • iOS 13 brings a number of new features
  • iOS 12 doesn’t allow app downloads over 200MB over mobile data
  • Apple unveiled iOS 13 at WWDC 2019 on Monday, alongside new versions of macOS, tvOS, and watchOS. After keeping the same 150MB app download limit for cellular data for over one-and-a half years, Apple finally increased the limit last week to 200MB. Now, it seems that limit may be complete going away with iOS 13. According to online reports, Apple has changed the way the app download data limits work in iOS 13. The company will no longer stop users from downloading large apps over mobile data by overriding the default settings. Additionally, a new setting in iOS 13 will allow users to completely do away with the notifications for download limits, if they desire.
    According to a report by 9to5mac, iOS 13will warn users when they are downloading a large app or app update over mobile data, however the users will be free to override it. The current implementation of the app download limit doesn't allow users to override the limit.
    iOS 13 also includes new settings in App Downloads preference in iTunes & App Store to control when app download warning appears. The options include “Always Allow,” which will allow all app downloads over mobile data, irrespective of their size.
  • The second option is “Ask if over 200MB,” which will show a warning if the app or app update size is over 200MB but will give the option to override the warning. The third and last option – Ask First – will mean iOS 13 will warn every time you download an app or app update over mobile data.
  • The new options are said to be visible in the iOS 13 developer preview, which was released on Monday. Public at large will get these when iOS 13 rolls out this Fall, however the public beta versions will start popping up later this month.
  • To recall, Apple on Monday unveiled the iOS 13 during the WWDC 2019 keynote. It brings a number of new features and enhancements including Dark mode, Sign in with Apple, enhanced photos app, and more.
  • iOS 13 top new features

    Here's a list of the top new features iOS 13 brings:
    • Dark mode - iOS 13 is finally getting a system-wide dark mode. It's probably the biggest change in terms of user interface you'll see in iOS 13. It can be turned on manually via the Control Center. Users can also schedule dark mode to turn on at sunset and then automatically turn off at sunrise.
    • Performance boost - Apple says apps in iOS 13 will launch up to twice as fast as iOS 12. Apps available on the App Store will become up to 50 percent smaller, thanks to newer packaging. Even app updates are set to become up to 60 percent smaller, Apple says. Face ID unlocking is also set to get up to 30 percent faster on compatible iPhone models.
    • New editing tools and more in Photos app - A new editing interface will be available for both photos as well as videos. The new editing tools include brilliance, shadows, highlights, contrast, white balance, definition, noise reduction, and others. Users will be able to rotate their videos on iOS 13. The Photos app is also getting a bunch of neat updates.
    • New privacy features - Apple is bringing a new feature for enabling seamless and secure authentication. The new 'Sign in with Apple' feature will let users log in to apps and websites using their Apple account directly. Developers will be able to add 'Sign in with Apple' support to their apps and websites.
    • New app to find missing devices and track loved ones - Apple's Find My Friends and Find my iPhone apps are becoming a single app under Find My. The new app will let users track their Apple devices as well as friends and family using a single user interface.


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