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Amazon 7th July Quiz Answers

Today 7th July Amazon Quiz Answers – Win Prize

Amazon 7th July Quiz Answers 

1) On the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Imphal (which occurred during WWII), the invading country set up a Museum of Peace in Manipur as a memorial gift. Which country was it?
Ans- Japan
2) Which among the following nations has become the first gulf country to launch a UN-developed anti-money laundering platform?
Ans- UAE
3) Did you know that the stomach produces acids to help digestion. These stomach acids primarily consist of ______. Fill in the blanks.
Ans- Hydrochloric Acid
4) Which was India’s first ever 3D animated film? It was a joint venture between Walt Disney Co & Yash Raj Films and was directed by Jugal Hansraj.
Ans- Roadside Romeo
5) Which company has recently patented the design for a foldable phone with multiple screens?
Ans- Google
After Filling All Answers correctly, You Will See Success Banner Like Below. Based On Luck Amazon Will Announce Winners List Of This Quiz on 30th July 2019. Keep your Eyes On it


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