PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 Update to Bring New Bizon 19 SMG Gun and Royale Pass Season 8

The Royale Pass Season 7 of PUBG Mobile has officially come to an end today, and in some regions, Season 8 has already begun along with the stable 0.13.5 update rollout. Tencent Games is expected to roll out the PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 update in India as well later today, but there’s no specific time provided by the company. Notably, it’s expected that 0.13.5 will set the stage for the new Royale Pass Season 8, so expect the update to reach your phone ahead of the new season. PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 update has already been available for beta users for a while and the official patch notes has been revealed by the company as well. The upcoming PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 update to bring a new PP Bizon 19 SMG weapon that runs 9mm ammo and the best part of this gun is the ability to run 53 rounds in a single magazine. Alongside the new weapon, Tencent Games is also changing the Season interface and the update will bring a new reward system to the table.

PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 Update: What to Expect?
First of all, there are not many major changes coming with 0.13.5 update to PUBG Mobile. Unlike the 0.13.0 update, which brought a lot of changes to the table, the 0.13.5 update focusses on tweaking the user interface and also improves reward, ranking system. As noted, the update will add PP Bizon 19 SMG weapon joining the likes of UZI and UMP running 9mm ammo. The PP Bizon 19 can hold up to 53 rounds in a single magazine, beating the Thompson SMG weapon that runs 50 rounds in a single magazine. With the 0.13.0 update, Tencent Games introduced the Skorpion piston which also runs 9mm ammo. So the 9mm weapon family is slowly increasing with every update.
The official patch notes of 0.13.5 update also note that Tencent Games has redesigned the Season Interface and Tier Icons to give a fancier look. The Classic Mode result interface that was introduced with 0.13.0 update is receiving small adjustments alongside a new emote that will be performed by MVP of the team.
It’s also said that the update will introduce changes to the ranking system. Going forward, Kill Points will have an equal impact on the overall points system. Also, the update is said to
The PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 update is already rolling out in some countries as some players are spotted in the Classic game with RP rank for the flight. The update might start hitting the users in India post 8 PM today, so make sure to check for it on the Google Play Store.
PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 8: What We Know So Far
Today, the Royale Pass Season 7 has officially come to an end and players across the country are eagerly waiting for the new update to arrive that also brings the Royal Pass Season 8. Going by the leaks, the Royale Pass Season 8 theme will be based on Ocean and there will be new bag skins based on Deep Sea culture. There will be a new Deep Sea UAZ and the Royale Pass will come in two versions- Royale Pass Elite and Royale Pass Elite Plus.

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